October 31, 2014

Chevy Camaro

I have a problem.   It all started about three months ago while I was driving (crawling) on the freeway, heading home after a productive day at the office.  I glanced over to my left and that’s when everything went into slow motion. I’m not talking about slow motion from traffic congestion.  I’m talking “life is perfect at this given moment and nothing else matters” type of slow motion.

She was midnight blue with front and rear dark tinted windows (illegal, yes…but stunning to say the least).  The large diameter wheels and tires with the long hood and short rear deck made this awesome machine look like it’s ready to pounce the pavement.   Yet, its aerodynamic, clean, creased lines say in the best Barry White voice, “She’s definitely fast, but she looks much better moving slow.”   That was my first visual experience of a 2012 Chevy Camaro and I have not been able to get her out of my mind ever since.

Therefore, I have a problem.  The problem is not with the car.  It’s with my covetous heart.  I learned many years ago when I get into that mode, I need to step back.  Nothing other than God and family should sit so high on a pedestal.  I have discovered the best medicine for that type of desire is delayed gratification.

I also realized there is no real reason for me to own that car, except for a “mid-life crisis”.  I just checked the mirror…my shirt is still buttoned appropriately and I am not wearing a gold necklace with a large medallion…darn.   

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