October 21, 2014

The Republican GOP

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With President Obama being the Democratic Presidential nominee for 2012, I decided to wait until after the Super Tuesday elections to see who would become the Frontrunner for the Republican GOP.  Well, Super Tuesday has come and gone and there still is not one candidate that has surpassed the others in a “hands down” type of fashion.  So, I’ve decided to finally do my own research to determine where the top two candidates stand on specific issues.  I am in no way endorsing one candidate over the other (Although I do like Mr. Santorum’s first name).

The information listed below is my feeble attempt to wade through all of the political mumbo-jumbo and shed some light on issues that seem to be important in my circle of friends and colleagues.

Here are my novice findings:

Mitt Romney

Age:                            64                                                                               

Religion:                      Mormon

Income Source:           Private Equity Investor

Politics:                       Mass. Gov. 2003-2007

Health Care:                Signed Mass. Healthcare Reform

Military:                      In favor of increasing the size of our military

Environment:              Achieve energy independence by researching alternative fuels

Abortion:                     Pro-life

Gun Control:               Supports 2nd Amendment rights (Does not support gun control)

 See where Mr. Romney stands on all the issues at http://2012.republican-candidates.org/Romney/Gun-Control.php

 Rick Santorum

Age:                            53

Religion:                      Catholic

Income Source:           Lawyer

Politics:                       Since 1990

Health Care:                Opposes “Obama Care”

Military:                      In support of the “War on Terror”

Environment:              Supports all manner of energy production

Abortion:                     Pro-life

Gun Control:               Believes in the citizen’s right to bear arms

See where Mr. Santorum stands on all the issues at  http://2012.republican-candidates.org/Santorum/Gun-Control.php

Hope this helps…


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