October 30, 2014

Medical Aid Microchip

A medical aid microchip being placed under the skin is a great concept.  If you read the article below, you will understand why I started this blog with this statement.  For the record, I do not believe that the current idea of a microchip being placed under the skin is the prophetic “Mark of the Beast” discussed in the biblical book of Revelation.  Do I believe the “Mark” will eventually come to fruition?  Absolutely.  There have been over 300 biblical prophesies that have come true exactly the way they were predicted.  Based on that fact, I have no reason not to believe the “Mark of the Beast” will eventually occur, but this medical treatment is not it. 

 In my fictional book entitled Donovan’s Law, I introduced the concept of the microchip being placed under our skin for the “safety” of our children and a reduction in identity theft.  On March 30th of this year I wrote a blog entitled Microchip Implants.  The blog was a true story about a school that was implementing a microchip device into children’s clothes in order to keep better track of their location.  The website below is another article about the potential value of having a microchip placed under your skin for “health” reasons.  Who could argue that health and safety are most likely the two top priorities in everyone’s life?  So it only makes sense the “powers-that-be” would approach this space-age technology from the perspective of common core values.

Think about it, if someone were to come along and introduce a way to secure your child’s safety, improve your health, and protect your finances simply by placing a minuscule chip under your skin, would you be willing?  Would you still be willing if it meant peace while you were here on earth but a separation from God for all eternity?  In the sequel to Donovan’s Law which I recently finished writing, the storyline has a similar event taking place.  The characters in the story have a choice to make.  What would you do?  


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