October 25, 2014

Prison Overcrowding: A Global Issue

Prison overcrowding is a global issue.  No one seems to have the answer as to what to do while the criminal element continues to rise; yet the economy prevents most governments from expanding or redeveloping the current holding facilities.  The overcrowding is so harsh in South Africa that government officials have announced that they will be releasing approximately 14,600 prison inmates.

Although the news article indicates that the hard criminals will not be a part of this release effort, I believe there is a safety and wellbeing concern among the surrounding communities.  Think there is a need for missionaries in South Africa?  I do and so do some of my friends. In fact, there will be a small contingency of women heading across the ocean to South Africa and Zimbabwe this summer on a short-term mission project.  They will be bringing the hope and love of Jesus Christ to women in need in areas both populated and under-developed.

In the Bible, the book of Mark, Chapter 16, Verse 15 describes Jesus giving this commandment to His disciples, “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’”  If you would, please join me in praying for these dedicated followers of Jesus Christ as they venture into the world in an attempt to be obedient to the commandment of their Lord and Savior.


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