October 30, 2014

How To Spend $1.6 Million

Ever wonder how to spend $1.6 million?  Phillip Chiyangwa, a property tycoon, answered that question.  He recently donated that exact amount of money at a fundraiser for the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).  Even though Mr. Chiyangwa had two daughters graduate from this university, that was not the main reason behind such a substantial donation.

When asked why he donated the money, he said, “ The money will be used for the construction of a chapel which is one of nearly a dozen capital projects identified for funding by the university authorities.  There is currently no church at the UZ. Where there is no God, there is a problem.  Over the years, there have been too many riots and injuries…there must be some peace.”

Mr. Chiyangwa will not have to look very far, come October, to find a small group of women from the United States who I believe would agree with his ideology on this matter.  Would you like to find out more about this brave bunch of believers who will be leaving their families behind this summer to serve and meet the needs of the women of Zimbabwe?  I know I would.  That is why I have asked the team leader, Shanda Oakley to be my guest blogger this Friday.  Visit my website on May 4th to live vicariously through these dedicated followers of Jesus Christ, as Shanda weaves the story of her childhood and the teams planned servant-hood in a foreign land.

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