October 23, 2014

Top 2 Rules For Marriage Success

My wife and I recently celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary.  As I reflected on this monumental occasion, I realized how much time and effort we have invested into trying to discover how to keep a marriage, not just together, but full of love, friendship, and joy. 

Most experts in this field believe that the two most common causes for divorce are lack of communications and money.  Although I don’t doubt their expertise, I do believe there is an underlying cause for both of these problems.  The underlying cause is pride.

Think about it.  If the communication level in your relationship is poor, it’s probably because one or both of you have decided, I don’t feel like talking or I don’t care what he/she has to say or I have a lot on my mind or I need my own space…How about the issue of money, I just want nice things or I just need that $60,000 vehicle or I need to stay in the best hotel, or I have to wear the most stylish clothing, it’s all about pride.

My wife and I have adopted the 100:0 rule.  This means give 100% of yourself expecting nothing in return.  Can we always accomplish this goal…no.  But more often then not we do and it makes for a great marriage with a wonderful person. 

Rule #2:  Forgive each other…it goes a long way.