October 24, 2014

iPad vs. Fire Tablet

The hot topic from Amazon is the Kindle Fire Tablet.  Now I don’t know if the “techies” out there are all excited about Amazon’s answer to the iPad, but I do believe this is capitalism at its best.  This type of competition is what separated Ford owners from Chevy.  Personally, I didn’t really think I would have an opinion on this topic when the news first broke.  Then I read what the Amazon public relations experts are saying, “18 million songs, movies, TV shows, books, magazines, apps and games are all available.”  Wait a minute…did they say books? 

Well…not to be biased or anything, but since I am an author, maybe my loyalty should belong to Amazon.  I mean, they were the first ones to make my book available.  I do have a direct link from my website to their store.  Oh no…what’s happening?  Can I be bought?  Is it true that we all have a price?